Duoyue Education Development History


Established Ruipeng Academy


Established New Edge International Veterinary College;


Established Meilian Wuzhou Advanced Veterinary College;


DoEstablished Doyue Business School, launched Zhiyue ( a mobile application developed by Doyue) and founded Doyue Education Group;


The first World Congress of Young Veterinarians on the theme of ONE HEALTH;Veterinary Vertices International Congress called VIC Summit.


China Pet Nutrition and Health Summit Forum;2022 China Pet Industry  Operation and Management Summit;China Veterinary Clinical Skills Competition Xiamen Field.


One-stop Learning Platform For Veterinarians ZHIYUE Application.

Building a Lifelong College for Talents

An integrated training system that combines online learning and offline practice

To provide education of pet care professionals for the benefit of their future growth in the pet industry, Doyue Education and Technology Group (铎悦教育科技集团) offers comprehensive online-to-offline continued veterinary education services to veterinary professionals, establishing a veterinary assistant training system, a general veterinary training system, a specialist veterinary training system, and an IVC-DVM professional clinical veterinary training system , International TCM Veterinary Training System, Veterinary Career Consultation System, Pet Industry Business Education System, Online Education System, etc.

More than 20 thousand hours of lessons that are available to all participants

Currently, New Ruipeng's various training venues have a total area of more than 20,000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 4,000 people for training at the same time. The training venues had provided 20,000 hours of veterinary courses to all employees.

Fully equipped training centre for teaching and practicing

The East China Base of Doyue Education Group is located on floors 7-9 of Building 1, Jiashan Land Plaza, covering an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. It is equipped with 4 multimedia classrooms, 1 large-scale multi-functional lecture hall, 1 comprehensive scenario simulation room, and 1 multimedia conference room. There are 1 large academic conference room, 2 surgical training rooms, 1 surgical demonstration room, 2 practical training rooms, 2 equipment learning areas, 1 3D simulation training room, and 1 academic exchange center.